Brembo Unveils All-New Track Day and Club Racing Calipers

Brembo, the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology introduced all-new M6 and M4 brake calipers at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show (Booth #23561), held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Brembo New M6 Caliper




Brembo M4 Caliper        

The race inspired Brembo M6 and M4 calipers are perfect for the club racer or weekend track day enthusiast that wants to take that next step in braking. The M6 is a six-piston aluminum front caliper with performance properties gleaned from the company’s endurance caliper that helped the Ford GT win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The pistons include racing style radiators and dual inner piston seals, with an inner pressure seal and an outer wiper seal. This innovative design provides the best combination of performance and long-lasting track use. The calipers are hard anodized for longevity and resistance to corrosion at high temperatures. The Brembo logo is racing style, engraved in red, as seen on all of the company’s competition products.


“The popularity of track day driving for performance vehicle owners has grown over the past five years,” said Dan Sandberg, Brembo North America President and CEO. “As enthusiasts get more comfortable on the track with the agility of today’s high-performance cars, they will want more speed, faster cornering and of course, better braking ability. The M6 and M4 provide that next level of performance braking while still being very compliant on the street.”


Brembo M6 Caliper

Brembo M6 Caliper

The new six-piston M6 calipers and four-piston M4 are derived from the current Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) performance caliper family. This makes the new components fully interchangeable with the GT kits, allowing them to fit under the same size wheels and accommodate the same size rotors while providing increased performance. In fact, the M6 and M4 calipers can be referenced through the same application list as the GT brake systems.

The M6 is a front caliper designed for a disc that measures from 350 to 405mm, with a thickness of 32 to 34mm. The M4 is used for the rear axle as well as for some front applications and wraps around disc sizes from 328 to 380mm. The M6 and M4 share the same Brembo design characteristics that have been proven at the top rungs of motorsport for over 40 years.

Brembo offers a comprehensive range of products dedicated exclusively to motorsports and designed to deliver the best results when used in the most extreme conditions: consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures. All Brembo racing application products are the result of ongoing research and development in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious teams. All of these products are designed and manufactured in-house and track tested.

The Brembo M6 and M4 will be available for purchase in 2017 from Race Technologies (, Brembo’s exclusive North American import distributor.

Brembo Performance

Jon Sibal / RWB Porsche 964 Equipped with a Brembo Club Race System


Pictured at SEMA 2015

Interview with Jon Sibal

  1. It seems as though I’ve seen you everywhere, but I am still not too familiar with your background. If you can, can you let us know a little about yourself?

    I’m just an average guy who finds art as a great way to express myself. I’m an Automotive Artist where I design body kits, liveries, concept and speculative renderings, etc. I’m also a Comic Book artist where I’m an inker for various titles from Image, Marvel, and DC Comics. I’ve always loved cars and been in the local So. Cal import scene since the early 90’s.


    C7.R concepts by Jon Sibal


    Rendering for Super Street by Jon Sibal of a Mazda MX-5.

  2. So can you tell us about your RWB 964 build?

    I’ve dreamed of owning an RWB ever since it caught my attention way back in the days before they blew up here in the US. While walking at our local Cars&Coffee with RJ de Vera, I told him about a matte black Porsche 964 I saw at SEMA that I thought could be a good donor car for an RWB project. He introduced me to the owner and it turned out that the car went straight to a body shop to have the fender flares redone. We made a deal and a few days later, took delivery of the car. Seeing the car in person for the first time felt like a huge financial mistake because the car needed way more work than I had expected. It sat in my driveway for over a year until I was able to save up enough money to get it prepared and to also afford the RWB conversion. After figuring out a realistic schedule, we thought that it may be a good idea to debut the car in the 2015 SEMA show. Parts started coming which was a directly reflected by my bank account which was quickly being drained. By the time the SEMA doors opened, our project was on display at the H&R booth.


    Before and after build shot by Jon Sibal

  3. How do you go about rendering your concepts, and are you at all critical of which components you put on the vehicle (form or function?).

    I have some great ideas of what I want the car to be, but when reality hits, some of those ideas gets shut down. So right now, I’m taking it step by step so I can make better decisions on a realistic direction for the car. One thing I know for sure is that I want this car to have the best parts that I can afford which is why we chose Brembo to handle the braking system for it. Along with the Brembo Club Race system, some of the other parts we’ve chosen might be overkill for the car’s current set up, but they’re carefully chosen in preparation and consideration of our future plans for it.IMG_9572_2048px

  4. I was a huge comic book collector, specifically from the 80’s to the late 90’s, so I can really identify with this part of your career. So can you let us know a little more about your time at Image (Awesome?) Comics.

    My first published comic book work was back in 1993 when Image Comics was still in its infancy. I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to learn the craft as I never had any prior experience. I just loved to draw and was hungry to learn. My first published work was under Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studio as an inker for a monthly book titled “BloodStrike”. Then later on, I got to work with other studios like Marc Silverstri’s Top Cow Studio and Jim Lee’s Homage Studio. It was fun inking titles like Gen 13, Fathom, Tomb Raider etc.Since then, I worked for Marvel and DC Comics and got to work with some great artist and writers on books like X-Men, Avengers, Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman and currently working on a  Batman Earth One Graphic Novel with writer Geoff Johns and penciller Gary Frank.

  5. I know you for your Dodge Challenger which is not only one of my favorite Challengers but also a couple others at RT. That brings me to ask: What other cars have you owned, or would you like to own?
    I’ve owned a Dodge Challenger, a BMW M roadster, and my E36 which were all fun projects to drive and work on. Although all the hard work and sacrifice that went the RWB 964 will probably satisfy my wants and needs for a long while”.


    Jon’s BMW (E36)


    Jon Sibal’s Dodge Challnger

  6. Is there anything you would like to add?

    By God’s amazing grace, the journey to get to reach the goal makes it fun when you have the help and support from family and friends through all the craziness. We’re very fortunate to have the support we received from companies like Race Technologies and Brembo to help make the dream a reality. Special Thanks also goes to H&R Springs, RSTRADA, WORK Wheels, PIRELLI, RJ De Vera, RWB Family, and Team CP.

    Thank you very much Jon for taking the time to do this.

    Jon Sibal
    Automotive Artist and Consultant
    1992 RWB Porsche 911 (964)
    IG: jonsibal

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Brembo Club Race Brake System

The Brembo Club Race (XB1E7) brake system offers several racing caliper features such as a hard anodized finish for protection in high heat environments, stainless steel piston inserts for improved heat rejection, 20 mm thick brake pads for extended pad life over the OE (typically a 16.5 mm thick pad), and a swing bridge for easy brake pad changes.

The lightweight 2-piece Brembo disc assembly is a 332 x 32 x 54a, slotted type 1 disc is a substantial upgrade over the heavy inadequate 25+ year old Porsche OE system.


The Brembo Club Race (XB1E7) brake system for early to late model Porsche applications. Pictured system goes for $3,895



  • 1992 RWB Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (964)
  • Air cooled flat-6, 3.6 L
  • 5-speed manual transmission


  • Air cooled flat 6, 3.6 L
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Porsche 997.2-GT3 center exit muffler
  • Porsche 997 GT3 muffler support
  • Porsche 997 GT3 RS titanium dual tips
  • Porsche 1.75″ stainless steel headers
  • RothSport 3″ J-pipes
  • RothSport GT3 muffler port block off
  • RothSport GT3 muffler tip plate


  • H&R custom front coil-over suspension system
  • H&R custom rear coil-over suspension system
  • H&R front 24mm sway bar
  • H&R rear 26mm sway bar
  • H&R Trak+ 7mm front wheel spacer
  • TARETT front drop links
  • TARETT rear drop links
  • Elephant Racing quick change strut brace system
  • BREMBO Club Race System
    • Front, drilled, hard anodized finish and 2-piece 332×2 mm discs.
  • RT 20 mm TS20 brake pads


  • WORK Meister S1 3-pc wheels
    • Front, 18×10.
    • Rear, 18×13
  • PIRELLI PZero Rosso Asymmetric 265/35/18
  • PIRELLI PZero Ross Asymmetric 315/30/18



  • 3-spoke leather steering wheel
  • Brushed aluminum sill plates
  • Aluminum gauge bezels
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All-New Brembo UPGRADE GT|BM8 and GT|BM4 Brake Calipers

A New Family of Calipers

Brembo launches innovative high performance aftermarket truck and SUV calipers

LAS VEGAS, Nev., Nov. 3, 2015 – Brembo, the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology introduces a brand new product during the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show (Booth #23561) on November 3-5, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Brembo launches the GT|BM8, the all-new 8-piston caliper and its companion the GT|BM4.

The Brembo GT|BM8 is an 8-piston monobloc caliper with four pads, suitable for rotors up to 420mm x 40mm (16.53” x 1.57”). This all-new caliper is specifically made for the front braking systems of trucks, SUVs and large high-performance sedans. As one of the largest calipers manufactured by Brembo, at 15.8 inches x 5.51 inches x 7.1 inches, the B-M8 required more than one thousand design hours, which included on-vehicle testing and casting technology development. The GT|BM8 is validated for torques up to 5700Nm (4204 lb ft).



The GT|BM8 is available in four colors – red, yellow, black and new to the market white, with a few “optional” colors. The companion caliper, the GT|BM4, for rotors up to 380mm x 30 mm, is 12.2” x 6,42” x 3.54” and suitable for the rear braking systems of larger vehicles as well as front applications for smaller cars. The GT|BM8 and GT|BM4 are ideal for a variety of domestic and import trucks, SUVs, and sedans including, but not limited to Ford F-Series and Expedition, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Frontier, Land Rover Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz SUVs and Porsche Cayenne.


Available in red, yellow, black and new to the market white, with a few “optional” colors

This new caliper aligns with Brembo’s principles of developing new and innovative products with a designed flair. The B-M8 will not only provide superior stopping performance, but will also deliver a design aesthetic that fills the large wheel openings of today’s 22-inch truck and car wheels.  The company have taken its expertise in the motorsports world and applied it to large truck and SUV braking systems to create one of the largest and best looking calipers in the Brembo line.


The new color added to the available finishes


Brembo GT|BM8 and GT|BM4

“We are breaking new ground with the launch of the Brembo BM-8 and BM-4 calipers at SEMA,” said Dan Sandberg, President and CEO of Brembo North America. “This new caliper aligns with Brembo’s principles of developing new and innovative products with a designed flair. The B-M8 will not only provide superior stopping performance, but will also deliver a design aesthetic that fills the large wheel openings of today’s 22-inch truck and car wheels. Our business was founded on creating high performing products that look great. We’ve taken our expertise in the motorsports world and
applied it to large truck and SUV braking systems to create one of the largest and best looking calipers in the Brembo line.”


The New Brembo GT|BM4

Developed to increase overall braking performance, the GT|BM8 exhibits consistent braking power under intensive conditions. The GT|BM8’s four pads provide a significantly larger braking surface, improving performance and pad wear, while communicating increased “bite” to the driver. Manufactured in the same plant as the company’s racing brake systems, the GT|BM8 leverages Brembo’s 40 years in motorsports in an advanced road-going high performance caliper.

GT|BM8 and GT|BM4 with their innovative and exclusive design are the first members of a NEW FAMILY of calipers that will distinguish the new High Performance Brembo Kits from others in the market, moving the car where it will be fitted to a new and clear identity.

The Brembo GTBM8 and GT|BM4 will be available for purchase in 2016 from Race Technologies.

About Brembo SpA
Brembo SpA is the world leader and acknowledged innovator of disc brake technology for automotive vehicles. Brembo supplies high performance brake systems for the most important manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles and motorbikes worldwide, as well as clutches and other components for racing. Brembo is also a leader in the racing sector and has won more than 300 championships. Today the company operates in 16 countries on 3 continents, with 24 production and business sites, and a pool of around 7.700 employees, about 10% of whom are engineers and product specialists active in the R&D. 2014 turnover is € 1,803.3 million (12/31/2014). Brembo is the owner of the Brembo, Breco, AP, Bybre and Marchesini, and operates through the AP Racing brand. For more information, visit us at

To access the 2015 Brembo SEMA media kit, visit

Brembo Performance

How it all started. The start of the Brembo Performance program

In the mid 1990’s, company founder, Jaime Trimble was deeply involved in the Porsche community; buying, selling, and building Porsche 911’s and 930’s.

His passion led him to start a business offering a line of performance upgrades for Porsche. As part of the company’s product line, he began producing “Big Brake Kits” by retrofitting Porsche OE Brembo calipers and discs to early model Porsches. These early brake kits proved to be very successful in the market due to the way they were designed and packaged for ease of installation. However, Jaime recognized that retrofitting OE components from one vehicle to another had its disadvantages and limitations so he began looking for better solutions.


The working partnership between Race Technologies and Brembo resulted in the “Big Brake System” which was engineered by Brembo to be application specific.

In 1998, Jaime met with Brembo North America to discuss how they could cooperate on developing a new line of aftermarket performance brake upgrades.  These upgrades would be the first of their kind and engineered as “systems” utilizing purpose designed components to integrate seamlessly to a vehicle. This initial endeavor eventually became part of a global effort lead by Brembo Italy that established an official Brembo High Performance Program. As a result Jaime formed a new company, Race Technologies, that signed on as the first High Performance Master Distributor and later became the exclusive U.S. Commercial Partner in 2004.


Race Technologies Costa Mesa location which was located next door to Brembo North America

In 2008, Brembo moved their headquarters from California to Plymouth, MI to support the OE’s and their U.S. operations. Race Technologies then assumed the primary responsibility of the California facility and became the sole U.S. Importer for Brembo High Performance. The new structure proved to be highly effective by directly aligning the sales and logistics efforts of Race Technologies with the manufacturing and production process in Brembo Italy.

Here’s a video of Jaime Trimble going over the Brembo Performance program on the GT Channel (November 15th, 2011).

In 2012, Brembo and Race Technologies began working together to support the rapidly growing needs of the Far East (Asia) market. As part of this effort, Race Technologies began working closely with and supplying the Official High Performance Importers, Dealers, and Distributors in the region. The results of the collaboration shortened product lead times, increased protection of Brembo’s brand integrity, and reduced the presence of grey market products.



Race Technologies provides market development, supply chain management and technical product support. Through our strategic partnership with Brembo and Sabelt, we support an international network of Official Dealers and Distributors that serve the automotive performance and racing community.

In 2013, Race Technologies became the official importer for Brembo Racing and Sabelt (Brembo Group 2008-2015). As the world’s leading braking supplier in professional motorsports, Brembo recognized the growing overlap between amateur, club, and professional racing in the U.S. In an effort to better serve these market segments, Brembo directly aligned their High Performance and Racing programs. The new structure expanded service and support to all segments of the racing market.


The Race Technologies facility in Moorseville, North Carolina which supports Brembo U.S. Racing Operations.

In late 2013 and early 2014, Race Technologies established two new facilities to support the future growth of the Brembo High Performance, Racing, and Sabelt programs. The first was a newly designed 30,000 sq. ft. facility located in Irvine, California to serve as a hub and U.S. headquarters. The second, located in Mooresville, North Carolina was to support all of the U.S Racing programs. Both facilities are shared by Race Technologies and Brembo staff including on-site engineers and program managers for each market segment.


The newly designed 30,000 sq. ft. Race Technologies facility located in Irvine, California to serve as a hub and U.S. headquarters.

Today, Race Technologies is a team of dedicated professionals that represent the Brembo and Sabelt brands and proudly serve an international network of official dealers and distributors. With all of the success and growth of the company over the past 15 years, “What we do” has certainly changed, but one thing that has not is “Who we are”. We remain true to our enthusiast roots and recognize that our customers are why we are here and we must always strive to “Be The Solution”.

Contacting Race Technologies:


Race Technologies provides market development, supply chain management, and technical product support. Through our strategic partnership with Brembo, we support an international network of Official Dealers and Distributors that serve the automotive performance and racing community.

The Americas
Middle East

North America

Brembo Performance | Brembo Racing
17422 Murphy Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614
(No walk-ins. By appointment only)
T: (714) 438.1118

Brembo Racing
118 Infield Ct # A,
Mooresville, NC 28117
(No walk-ins. By appointment only)
T: (704) 799-0079

Brembo Performance

How to Measure Your Wheel for Proper Brake Clearance

Before you buy, regardless of wheel size, you must confirm brake system to wheel clearance before purchasing a Brembo Performance system.


These CAD drawings represent the clearance of an Original Equipment (left) brake system compared to a GT system with inadequate clearance (middle), and one with proper clearance (far right).

Brembo Performance brake systems are always designed to maximize wheel fitment. However larger components are often required to meet performance parameters determined by Brembo engineers, so it may be necessary to utilize a wheel spacer or to upgrade to an aftermarket wheel with adequate clearance. There are a number of variables that can affect wheel clearance including wheel diameter, wheel offset, and wheel design.

In order to determine if a wheel has adequate clearance, please follow the instructions below or download a printable copy of these instructions by clicking here.


  • STEP 1: Look up your application (Year/Make/Model search) on
  • STEP 2: Select your brake system.
  • STEP 3: Download or open the PDF document listed under Wheel Clearance information. Note: All Brembo GT/GT-R systems have a specific corresponding wheel clearance diagram (brake profile cross section).
  • STEP 4: Print out the document, but be sure to make sure you’re printing at full scale (1:1 or at 100% size). There’s a ruler on the bottom right-hand side of the page to compare it with.
  • STEP 5: Cut out the shape of the template to include the caliper, bell, and disc.
  • Optional: You may want to back the cut-out with a piece of cardboard or foam core to make sure that the template is sturdy enough to get a proper gauge of your wheel clearance.


  • STEP 1: Remove a wheel.
  • STEP 2: Place the wheel carefully on its face and measure out the A/B/C dimensions with a straight edge or create a template from the clearance diagram.
  • STEP 3: If using a clearance diagram attached to tag board as a template, be sure to double check that the template retains the actual dimensions from the original diagram.
  • STEP 4: Allow 3mm in all directions from the caliper to the wheel.
  • STEP 5: If the caliper contacts the inner wheel spokes, a wheel spacer may be used to move the wheel out away from the caliper. When using spacers, we recommend only considering high quality hubcentric spacers (and longer wheel bolts/lugs when needed). It is also important to confirm that the wider track will allow the tire to clear the fenders in all positions.


  • We are using part #1n1.9003A (a 2013 BMW M3) for our example.

The kit number is shown on the lower right, and all measurements are shown in millimeters. The diagrams are shown at full scale, but once they have been printed these measurements must be confirmed before use. We colored in the CAD drawing to help make it easier to understand the brake assembly cross section. The red area represents the rotated profile of the caliper, the dark grey colored area is the bell, and the silver area is the disc.


The A dimension is 34.9mm The B dimension is 134mm The C dimension is 220.7mm


In this example, the clearance diagram has the center of the wheel marked with a yellow highlighter. If you rotate the previous diagram and set it into the wheel, it would look like the diagram above that includes a wheel cut-away. That same yellow line is represented by the dashed line below. The drawing above is a cut-away of a GT system inside of a wheel on its face.


The diagrams are shown at full scale, but once they have been printed these measurements must be confirmed before use.


Place the cut-out inside the wheel well. If the cut-out is too flimsy, you may need to adhere it to a piece of cardboard to help with getting a proper gauge on your brake to wheel clearance.


Allow 3mm in all directions from the caliper to the wheel. Note: the imagery and highlighted areas is meant to be an approximation to help illustrate the tutorial.

All Brembo Performance systems are custom packaged to order, so they cannot be returned due to wheel fitment which is why it’s very important to verify brake and wheel fitment before placing your order.

Brembo Performance

NEW Brembo Racing system for the Nissan GT-R (R35)

New Brembo Racing system for the CBRD Speed Factory Nissan GT-R (R35).

This is a direct replacement for the front Brembo O.E. (Original Equipment) system which is already an extremely capable system, but this system is meant for environments with heavy brake demand.

The brake system is comprised of a lightweight Brembo Racing XB105 4-piston billet caliper, 25mm pad vs. 18.5mm (increased thermal resistance), and 2-piece, 380×34 type 3 discs that fit under the *OE wheels.

For more information please contact: or call (714) 438-1118.

Imagery by CBRD (Chad Block Racing Development)


Brembo Racing XB105 calipers have a very low mass and overall weight while improving braking performance (the slimmer profile is optimal for wheel fitment). 4-piston billet caliper, and removable stiffening bridge for fast pad changes (25mm pad vs. 18.5mm which increases thermal resistance).


The thicker 25mm pad vs. 18.5mm OE pad increases thermal resistance (thermal barrrier) and also helps with overall pad life.


4-piston billet caliper, 25mm pad vs. 18.5mm (increased thermal resistance), with 2-piece, 380×34 type 3’s that fit the *OE wheels. The rear utilizes the stock calipers.

Brembo Racing

Scion iM/iA Auto Influencer Event

Race Technologies, the Brembo Official Partner was invited to the launch of the Scion iA and iM event. This special industry-only event paid homage to car enthusiasts and their love to car enthusiasts and their love of car culture, showcasing customized Scions, project cars, exotics and classics, along side like-minded individuals who live and breathe cars.

Took place at the Toyota Headquarters in Torrance, CA.

Even Partners: TRD, GReddy, Brembo, FiveAxis, Tein, LTMW, Bulletproof, Hankook, Rays, Sparco, KW Suspension, Mackin, Team Associated, and more


STOLEN Scion FR-S (please share and help find the car/parts)

UPDATE: the car was recovered whole.
The car was most likely taken around for a joy ride but ditched without any damage.

***** STOLEN (Please Help)*****

This is why we can’t have nice things.

May 8th, “I would like to take this opportunity to express a sincere “THANK YOU” to everyone who shared this post and helped me on getting the car back. Million thanks to my colleague for staying overnight searching these parts on Craigslist and all 86 related forums, Race Technologies for making this post and countless support. All my friends from 86 cup Garrett Tokuno Ted Park Julio Gorgé Mike Kang Marlon R Tecson Derek Dicker Van Nguyen for sharing this post to the community. My homies Gary Yeung driving all day/night in the Bay Area looking for the car. Like I said, there is a cash reward to those who can find me the car. Whether car is in one piece or just a barebone chassis, I still want it back in my garage! – Simon”

PLEASE HELP AND SHARE THIS POST. The car community is extremely strong, so we should be able to recover Simon’s (the owners) car/parts. Also there’s a cash reward with no questions asked.

Stolen in the Bay Area at around 4 a.m. on Monday (5/4/15) in Burlingame, CA (Simon was in the Bay Area participating in the 86 Cup).

Here’s the parts list:

  1. Greddy 2.1 Stroker
  2. Kraftwerk Supercharger Kit
  3. Koyo Radiator
  4. JRZ RS Pro Coilover
  5. Brembo Club Race Front BBK
  6. RE10 Front Brake Pad
  7. TS20 Rear Brake Pad
  8. Voltex Type 2 Center Mount Rear Wing
  9. Volk Racing TE37RT 17×9.5 5×100 +40
  10. Hankook TD 255/40ZR17
  11. MoonFace Roll Center
  12. Cusco Front Tower Bar
  13. Cusco Rear Tower Bar
  14. Tomei Expreme 60R
  15. Tomei Front Pipe
  16. Tomei Over Pipe
  17. Tomei Equal Length Header
  18. O.S Giken Clutch Kit
  19. O.S Giken LSD
  20. 4.556 Final Drive
  21. Cusco Rear Differential Cover
  22. Sabelt Steering Wheel
  23. Sabelt GT140 Seat (Driver)
  24. Bride Zeta III Seat (Passenger)
  25. Works Bell Hub
  26. Works Bell Quick Release
  27. Sabelt 5 Point Harnesses
  28. Cleib Front Lip Spoiler
  29. Cleib Side Panels
  30. Cleib Rear Diffuser
  31. Whiteline Differential Bushings
  32. Whiteline Subframe Bushings
  33. Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
  34. Tom’s Rear Taillights

If you have information regarding this car, please contact the owner: or text/call (626) 215-3231. Thank you for your support/help.

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