Sabelt x Corner 3 Motorsports

Corner 3 Motorsports, a stocking Sabelt authorized dealer in southern California specializing in high performance Japanese platforms supplied the following Sabelt products for Alex Rodriguez’s Time attack FD Rx7:

The Sabelt package:

– Sabelt GT160 Halo full bucket racing seat.
– Sabelt 6 Point 2 to 3 inch “HANS specific” harness.
– Sabelt SW633 330 mm suede steering wheel.

The Sabelt package offered the following advantages to the driver (based on driver comments):

– GT160 seat lowered the driving position so the drivers’ head (when using a helmet) no longer hit the roll bar of the vehicle.
– GT160 seat also improved driving position for better heel and toe downshifts.
– Sabelt 6 point harness fitted flush with the HANS Device and the submarine belt was much more comfortable. This was due to the 2 belt “split design” of the submarine belt.
– Sabelt steering wheel was thicker and more comfortable to use compared to the old steering wheel.

Corner 3 Motorsports focuses on three core philosophies: complete knowledge in the services they provide, specializing is only a few select Japanese platforms, and working with the most premium brands that best represent them. Corner 3 chooses Sabelt because Sabelt supplies safety components to professional motorsports, has a comprehensive product range to suit their clients needs and is a market leader in safety equipment.

Sabelt was founded in 1972 and part of the Brembo group since 2008, is a technology leader supplying safety equipment to the high performance and professional racing markets.

Contact Information:

Address: 22701 Granite Way, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone: 1-(949) 380-0801

Photos Provided by: Corner 3 Motorsports


Alex’s time attack FD3S equipped with sabelt GT160 seats

Sabelt Steering Wheel

Sabelt Steering Wheel

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Why aren’t seat belts connected directly to the seat?

Seat belts fixed to the seat have some advantages. However, until now, there is no specific FIA standard that regulates the construction of the seat to make it resistant to the loads transferred from the belt in an accident.

The reason why it’s connected to instead to the body, is that the roll-bar is integral to the whole body and it’s able to dissipate impact energy better with a properly designed cage. It’s also able to resist better than a threaded connection built into a body of a composite material. Additionally, until a few years ago it was much easier to simulate the dynamic behavior of metals compared to composite materials, making the predictability in the event of an impact “safer” and the level of protection more reliable.”

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