One of the top teams participating in the FIA WEC series is Larbre Competition, one of the only teams in the world racing with the Corvette platform as a non factory effort in the top level of professional motorsport. For 2015, Larbre Competition is racing a C7.R in the FIA WEC series.

The FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) is starting to become the leading series by many car manufacturers and their technical partners to showcase new technologies in the LMP (Le Man Prototype) & GT (Grand Touring) Classes. The FIA WEC features endurance races (6 hour races and the 24 hours of Le Mans) and is a global series racing at challenging circuits in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Stiff competition between factory run and private customer teams in all the various classes means teams choose to work with only the best technical partners to have the most competitive advantage.

Larbre Competition won class honors with a Corvette C6.R at the 24 hours of Le-Mans in 2012 using Brembo Racing RB340 brake pads. Larbre Competition also finished the 2012 Le Mans 24 hour race without changing brake pads or loss of performance through the race.

Brembo’s RB340 material is unique in construction and the optimal performance is dictated by the energy of the brake system, not so much the disc or pad direct running temperature. This means the material offers excellent wear resistance, high initial bite, stable friction levels (the performance does not degrade as much at elevated temperatures) and good modulation in a wide range of conditions. The combination of wear resistance and high initial attack means the driver does not need to push the brake pedal as hard to achieve the same stopping power. This is easier on the driver and means a common material can be potentially used for long and short races.

Brake pads and fluid are two very small things that make a huge difference that most people overlook. Pads and fluid help fine tune brake system characteristics like initial response, fade resistance, and pedal consistency. For an endurance race such as a 24 hour race, one of the many critical factors is the wear resistance of friction materials to avoid doing brake pad or rotor changes as this can cost valuable time in the pits. If changing pads or brake discs can be avoided altogether, this is the most ideal scenario.

Photo: Brembo Racing, John Dagys/Sportscar365

BREMBO-RB340-3502   Dagys_-2015_382945

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