HCF is a construction of additional structural carbon which shape strengthens and stiffens the shell. The new result is a hybrid shell, part in carbon and part in fiberglass, particularly performance and safe, that represents a true new seats generation for technique, performance and market.

– The back carbon reinforcement (HCF) stiffens the entire shell improving resistance in case of side impact
– The shape of carbon structure has been designed to strengthen the areas subject to higher loads
– Reinforcing the most stressed areas had allowed composing a plybook that enlightens the remaining areas, with consequent weight saving on the total shell.


Provides adjustment of the height of the harness making the seat absorb part of energy in case of impact.

Proper belt placement insures the seat edge is utilized during a crash rather than drivers shoulders. With this target we doubled the shoulder belt adjusting slots to better adjustment for various driver heights. In this way, in case of impact, the vertical force will be supported by the seat improving safety of the driver.


External temperature and driving conditions of the driver are one of the critical areas in which FIA is working to improve safety of crews.

The back, in the lumbar area in contact with the seat is even more complex. It is thanks to ergonomic studies made for OEM that we tested a solution that includes seatback holes allowing for hot air exchange to improve driver and co-driver cooling.

Starting price = $1,222.00

HCF icon 01

HCF (Hybrid Carbon Frame)

GT200 GT300 (Doppio Passcint icon 01)

Double harness slots


Rear shot of the cooling slots in the lumbar area.

Olsen Motorsports with their GT-200 race seats in their 2015 WRX STi.

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